If your heart is drawn toward our project (or any other body part for that matter) then we'd be happy to receive any help you may have to offer, but to give you some ideas...

  • Working Circles
    Every few months we gather as many people as we can to tackle some big jobs over the course of a weekend. 
    Working is a beautiful way to connect with others, try out something you've not done before and grab some fresh air and exercise in the process. We do gardening, building or something creative, eat together and in the evenings, celebrate the day's achievements.
    For information and to sign up for our next 'Arbeits Kreis' please check our upcoming events page.

  • WWOOFing
    We're members of both the WWOOFing and Help X working exchange schemes where we offer board and food in exchange for around 5 hours of work per day. If you're interested, either follow the links or drop us an email to book your place for this year (limited spaces available)

  • Drop By
    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The simplest way to start getting involved in our project is simply to come round for a visit! We'd be glad to give you a tour of the place, but please arrange your your visit before arrival either via email or telephone.

  • Donations
    Tools, building materials, modern-technology and simply the costs of maintaining the place are all outgoings for us and we're so very, very grateful for any donations we receive, whether it's financial or material (for example tools or food).
    We'll be setting up a crowd-funding project at some point in the near future, until then, please send all monetary donations here...
    Name: Alluna
    IBAN: AT64 3811 1000 0016 1406
    BIC: RZSTAT2G111

  • Festivals
    A few times a year we host festivals to witness and celebrate the coming and going of the seasons with food, music, fire, dance and  rituals. We always appreciate any help we can get in the run up to the festivals with the set up , so if you'd like to be kept up to date and informed about our next festival please sign up to our mailing list or check our upcoming events.