“But I don’t want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat: "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."
"How do you know I’m mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn’t have come here.”

Through interwoven stories of coincedence and fortune have the members of the Alluna community arrived at the point they are today, contributing to the development of the community, here in the Styrian mountains.

Proudly introducing the characters of the Alluna story (cast in order of appearance)...



"I grew up in the Mühlviertel area of Upper Austria and as a child spent much time in Nature and spent hours wandering about in the woods and always felt very much at home between the trees, streams, birds and stones.

After several years in Vienna, chance brought me to this remote mountain valley in which I've steadily fallen in love with. I joined the community without great expectations or anticipation, only curious with an intuitive feeling that something exciting is happening here.

Since then , I've become increasingly interested by the intracices of interpersonal relationships but most importantly, in finding spiritual approaches that alleviate the 'problems' of communal living and human life generally.

On top of that, I've also found my love and passion for gardening; in the last years I've grown innumerable varieties of vegetables, many rare, and planted all sorts of fruit trees, fruit bushes and flowers and with every year, the garden's becoming more and more vibrant and I am drawn ever closer to the paradise of my mind's eye."



"I was born and raised in Graz. Inspired from my travels through Australia and New Zealand I was looking for a life in touch with nature  and surrounded by lovely people. Serendipity lead me to the community in Neuhof where this dream became reality. This to me is just a starting point, still there is a long way to go to truly live sustainably, but we are working on it.

After finishing my studies of social work 2011 I've been working in the care of people with psyichiatric diagnoses. In January 2017 I finished my training in outdoor education. Now I want to start accompanying people finding their way back to themselves and mother nature.

My passion is for nature and people. My Vision is a happy and peaceful life in harmony with all beings. Spirituality is a big part of my life, I've been influenced a lot by buddhist philosophy and getting now more interested in shamanism. I enjoy gardening, collecting herbs, hiking, hugging trees, meditation, cuddling with people and cats :) I like good conversations, singing and dancing around the bonfire."


"Grown up in the city of Vienna, I nevertheless was outside in nature and hiking with my family quite often and soon started to appreciate the calmness of the forest and the uplifting feeling of reaching the top of a mountain. My connection to nature has ever since given me a lot of power and so I was always looking for places to live where I can touch the grass with only one step out of the door.

Destiny was kind to me and so, on my search for community, I ended up in Neuhof. This was 2 years ago and I'm still grateful for having found my place here. As I will give birth to my daughter soon (who already has kind of a sister in Felicity) I'm joyfully looking into the future on this place that gives home to a lovely crowd of people.

Professionally I started in the childcare area - having tried out Waldorf and forest education, I finally ended up liking outdoor education the most. Since I always was interested in working therapeutically as well, I went through the studies of therapeutic massage. In the future I would like to work with people in nature with bodily and artistic elements.

I like meditating - recently, together with the other community members - and I'm on a constant journey to get to know myself and other beings better to reveal more and more of this miracle human beings are. Besides being in nature, I enjoy dancing and music (actively making and passively enjoying) as well as the exchange with other people on a deeper level a lot."


"Already as a child I dreamt of having a farmstead, living in close contact with animals, plants and the rest of nature. I observe where my life's journey takes me and I never cease to be amazed!

I enjoy hiking in nature, especially through forests and up mountains. I like riding and love the wind and winter landscapes. I like snowboarding, enjoy caring and cooking for people. I love spending time with children and animals. Apart from that I enjoy a good bit of hard work; stacking wood, cleaning out the stables, working in the garden etc - they all help me properly switch off. I like being active!

At the moment I spend most of my time caring for my daughter, Felicity Aurelia. I feel that I'm always getting closer to my dream here; a steadily growing family of animals, the garden, the surroundings and, of course, the community - who I see as my extended family. I'm so very grateful and happy that Felicity has the opportunity to grow up with such kind people and with values that we define for ourselves."



"At 19, as a disillusioned youth, I left the London sprawl in which I'd been raised, for Australia - with hopes of unravelling the mystery of life and my purpose within it. After several years and many interesting tales, following my nose lead me to a ski resort in Austria where I met my partner, Moira, who showed me the tranquility and majesty of Nature.

Some years later, with the help of meditation, Alan Watts, Fight Club, Bill Hicks, Russell Brand, The Beatles, Herman Hesse, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and many other influences which might get me into trouble if I mentioned them here, I finally found my way to the conclusion that I am personally responsible for the world I see around me and that sustainable communities are the solution for the creation of a free and beautiful future for the planet and mankind.

I arrived here in the community with a plan to stay for 2 weeks, a year and a half later and I'm still here. I've since then become a father and have relished the adventure of living communally; despite its many challenges. I'm interested in technology and its use within communities in the future and I'm currently learning about Sustainability Design through an online course. Drumming, playing guitar, making people laugh, discussing philosophy, writing, gardening, walking my dog and spending time with my daughter are some of my favourite things."



"From my childhood on I always had the opportunity to live with a forest behind my house. Soon I was sure that I wanted to explore the most fundamental principles of life, which lead me to a closer connection with nature, spirituality, arts, music and technology.

On the serpents of my life I followed this wide variety of interests, playing the trumpet, attending a school of mechanical engineering, practicing yoga, studying medicine, doing occasional attempts in sculpturing and of course, being out in nature.

After finishing university I became a Yoga teacher in India and went on a hike in Australia where I had a vision in which all the pieces suddenly fitted together perfectly. So I followed my path and found this magic place where I decided to found a family and help to create a world of love and peace. "



"Healing, Poetry and expression are the main topics of my life, slowly revealing themselves over    the past years. I started reading at a very young age and most of the time I spent with writing stories or getting lost in a captivating book. I love the beauty and melodic sound of well chosen words, currently working on my first book being published.
   My interest of healing started to grow with the urge to care for the beings around me. For me, healing is deeply connected with peace and retreat as it can only be found in nature. I believe that the plants growing around us contain all the potential for living a healthy life. So we can learn a lot from them. Also I’ve started an education of craniosacral bodywork, which teaches how to listen to a body system with all its complexities, anatomically and energetically.
Throughout my life I have always tried to find a way to express myself and to clear my mind, emotions and body and gained some useful tools, but still, there is a lot to learn.
Visiting eight years of art school has taught me to refine my sense of beauty for the world.
   At the young age of sixteen, my sister took me on a journey to a „European Rainbow Gathering“, putting me on the way to find my own spirituality. After finding out, that studying felt too limiting for myself, I quit two studies, with the intention to live simply and use rather intuition and body than mind.  
   Through friends, I met my longtime companion Dominik who until the current day accompanies me on my spiritual path. The wish for  a life in community and nature brought us to this place where our son Kenai Jakup touched the light of life.
   I love spending time wandering through landscapes, horse riding, practicing acro yoga, painting and singing."