Our community lies in the Übelbach Valley which is part of the Southern Alps, roughly 40km North of the city of Graz in Styria, Austria.

The main activity in the valley is forestry, which accounts for the type of trees that are grown here which is mostly spruce and fir, with a scattering of beech, birch, elder and ash.

In the warmer months, the local farmers bring their cattle up for grazing, whose bells klang over the background noise of the Übelbach river.



There is a large variety of wildlife of the woods. We've spotted deer, mountain goats, squirrels, foxes, badgers, martins, and lots of birds such as finches, robins, crows, ravens, eagles, buzzards and owls. The local hunters also claim to have seen traces of a wolf, although we've never met him.

There are many streams and waterfalls, which are tributaries of the Übelbach river, which leads all the way through the valley to reach the Mur which runs through Graz.

In the spring we collect chanterelle mushrooms by the stream banks. In summer there are plenty of raspberries and wild herbs in the forest and in Winter the streams freeze and create beautiful sculptures of ice.



The View from the Gleinalm


If you climb toward the top of the valley, after around 2 hours, you'll reach the Gleinalm Schutzhaus, a guest house which attracts many hikers on their way over the famous pilgrimage route 'The Way of St. James' (known here as the Jakobsweg).