On the 29th January, 2017, after many hours of discussions, inspirations, meditation, debates and frustrations, the community arrived at our project's vision:

"We will create a community based on
Spiritual Practice, Sustainable Living
and Creative Expression
with an intent to provide a
surrounding where methods of
holistic healing are possible."

To go into a bit more detail...


These are the ideas that together establish what 'community' means to us:

  • A living organism of conscious individuals.
  • Somewhere to feel home; a family.
  • Allowance of diversity and freedom of individuality.
  • Supporting each other through lifelong personal growth.
  • Staying open to the outside world for inspiration; receiving and being visitors and supporting other communities.
  • Children taking part in community activities and to learning freely from each other, the garden, the workshop, the animals and the Nature surrounding us.
  • Passing our values and insights onto the next generations.
  • A place to grow old and die with dignity.

Spiritual practice

We believe that the foundation of our community should be based on spiritual understanding, developed by spiritual teachings and practices. This means...

  • Communal exchange and self-healing through spiritual practices
  • Practicing unconditional love
  • Learning to recognize ones ego and to limit it to a healthy size
  • To feel and live with the knowledge of the connection and unity between each of us
  • Reverance for mother nature
  • Accepting and facing death

Sustainable Living

Our dream is that our lives become sustainable - to us, this is about giving and receiving with awareness and gratitude in all dimensions of our lives. Some concepts are:

  • Respectful, kind and loving behaviour between members of the community.
  • Living in respectful symbiosis with animals; those we live with those living wild around us.
  • Being closely entwined with and observing nature.
  • Caring for a rich, diverse and edible garden and allowing further generations to learn the methods of creating it for themselves.
  • Appropriate use of technology to become more sustainable, have more free time, and to provide us with information and communication.
  • Development of a communal economy in our immediate and local community through self supporting systems.
  • Promotion and teaching of skills for self support.

Creative Expression

We envisage a place where life is celebrated through song, dance, art and our culture reflects the richness and joys of life:

  • Festivals and ceremonies marking the coming and passing of seasons.
  • Offering an open space, like an atelier, for art and craftwork.
  • Making music together.
  • Hosting cultural events.


We collectively recognise the need for healing in the world and in ourselves. We want to promote a perspective where health is viewed in a more holistic way and we aim to be able to provide methods that work towards this goal:

  • Offering a place of healing through our work as a community and providing buildings (e.g. Temple, yoga room)
  • The group itself being a source of healing and strengthened through group building methods.
  • Healing the relationship we have to ourselves and to nature.
  • Working with and in the peacefulness and interconnectedness of the forests and Nature around us to promote self-healing.